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Asphalt Repair

Based in Salem, New Hampshire, A Plus Paving offers a wide range of paving services that include asphalt repair and seal coating. Our employees are experts in this field and have both knowledge and resources to ensure your project is completed correctly and promptly.

Our Services
Each project begins with a thorough site inspection. This familiarizes us with your property's conditions and prevents costly surprises from cropping up during the job. Whether you require asphalt paving or driveway seal coating services, A Plus Paving is here to serve you.

Asphalt Services
The asphalt services we offer include full-service parking lot paving and filling existing cracks and potholes. We even rip up existing asphalt before grading, graveling, topping, and lining your new parking lot. Free estimates are available.

Paving Services, Asphalt Repair in Salem, NH

Seal Coating
Seal coating your driveway preserves the life of the asphalt, which saves you money on having your driveway repaved or replaced. Seal coating also darkens your driveway and makes it look brand-new again.

The experts at A Plus Paving dig up your current driveway and lay down a new one, handling the entire project from start to finish. Other driveway services include filling cracks and making your existing driveway larger or wider.

We also deliver gravel to your location. Gravel may be used for filling purposes or to lie on private roads.

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